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A Familiar Face On The Rise - Maniphest DestNE: Coming Soon To We Are The Universe

With lyrical content in today's rap music becoming more and more deficient, Maniphest DestNE is going to break the monotony of mainstream hip-hop by proving you can still appeal to the masses while actually saying something.

He expresses himself clearly and effectively using thought provoking and influential lyrics with eloquent flow patterns. He has the ability to create catchy hooks with substance and decorate it over a harmonious beat.

Born Kismet Isaac Altiok in Cleveland, Ohio; music was his first language due to Turkish influences on his maternal side. His grandfather played the saz and his aunt is a famous singer in Turkey. His mother, who is a primary influence behind his musical talent, did workshops across the U.S, owned a nightclub and studio, and introduced Middle-Eastern dance to Western culture in the 1970s.

With that early foundation in music, rhythm is what courses through Maniphest DestNE's blood. His extraordinary songwriting skills place him as one of the most promising hip hop artists of the future.

In essence, marketing and music is all Maniphest DestNE knows. He started writing and recording at the age of 14, and never held a job outside of sales since he was 16. Since 2010, his music has been requested and played on the radio in Illinois and Connecticut. He also independently toured and performed across the Midwest and Southern United States.

Throughout his music career, Maniphest DestNE has built up a reputable name for himself as a battle artist. During Eminem’s Anger Management Tour, he won a contest which was broadcasted on national television. In 2011, one of his battles from got aired on truTV.

Maniphest DestNE was able to gain much exposure in the battle rapping scene and used any attention he got from his battles to promote and sell his music.

His credits also include songwriting work with Young Money's Jae Millz, to performing alongside international Indie artist and hit maker, Hard Target.

Maniphest DestNE's music has also reached international levels of success. Not only has he worked with various artists across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, he has been involved in numerous projects working with many underground artists from Argentina, Egypt, Asia and the Middle East, as well as Europe and the United Kingdom.

He humbles himself as an emcee and is constantly working toward supporting his local hip hop scene and community. In 2010, he performed at a non-profit benefit where the proceeds went to raise awareness and help a family whose child suffered from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

He exudes extreme confidence and utilizes his own resources when it comes to mixing and engineering. Since 2008, he mixed and mastered all his music from his home studio. He never ceases to get better as time progresses, and is constantly reinventing his craft in order to achieve dynamic and high quality sound.

Maniphest DestNE intends to recreate the industry to accommodate his music without having to change who he is as an artist in order to succeed. He was quoted saying,

“My main goal, like every other aspiring artist, is to make the music I love and get paid to do it… When I’m off the stage, I’m just another face in the crowd; when I’m on stage, I have the power to move the crowd. I have the ability to bridge the gap between heartfelt and hardcore, along with young and old of any race.”

He has everything he needs to become a star - talent, charisma, and an unshakable faith in himself, making him a primary prospect for the music industry. Look out for his interview on our show, "We Are The Universe" which will be streaming from our site VERY soon. In the meantime, check out one of Manifest's newest video "Can't Call It" featuring D-Spillz, who we hope to get on the show as well. Information for Maniphest DestNE is located below. Enjoy the video, and subscribe to our email list for information on when this interview is posted first.

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