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A Definitive Guide To Marketing Music Online – Part 3

Let’s dive even deeper by going through some important tools you’d be needing for marketing.

Music Marketing Tools That You Need to Know About

The internet is hands down the best medium to promote your music and make it reach hundreds and thousands of people within a span of few minutes. However, we can often underestimate the number of free tools that we can find on the internet that help us to promote music online. Music marketing online is very efficient. Considering the various music marketing tools that are available to use as a promotional medium these days – it is only important that you are familiar with these internet tools.

1.Email Marketing

One of the most trusted forms of online marketing is email marketing and it works as wonder for music promotions on the internet as well. You can reach out to all your loyal fans and random people as well just via these emails. There are many other internet tools these days (we will talk about them later in this article) that can be trusted but the effectiveness and power of a simple newsletter in order to connect with the audiences cannot be denied. Email marketing is helpful to target a selective range of audience and deliver meaningful music relevant content.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the biggest social media platform on the internet and we urge you to use it as a regular part of your routine if you want to make sure your music reaches out to people. Now Instagram is not only effective but very helpful and highly efficient as well.

As a music artist, you can use this platform to connect with your audiences by allowing them a personal level sneak peek into your music life. Instagram is also home to live chats. In a simple click, you get the chance to reach out and connect to hundreds of thousands of people within matter of minutes.

3. Twitter

Twitter works for marketing music online because it is helpful to build a two-way communication. So basically, Twitter acts best when it comes to bridging the distance between your music and the audiences.

You get the chance to establish direct contacts with them. You tweet, your tweet will be liked and shared as re-tweets by hundreds of people. People will also get the chance to talk to your directly and expect direct responses as well.

4. Music Website

If there is one online medium that will work like home for your online music – it is the music website. Your music website will bring you closer to your fans and make you as an artist as well as music as your creativity and passion more closely accessible to the audiences. In addition to free marketing, music websites are like trademarks for your band or genre of music – exclusively belonging to only you.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s number 1 online video streaming channel. It is a great online audio and video marketing tool. You can become part of this Bandwagon and bring a 3-dimensional exposure to your music brand.

These points might appear basic, but if you explore them well, you’ll see what we mean. Good luck!







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