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The Hardest Decision Ever - Part 2

These days, vinyl album sales have been plummeting and the same can be said about digital album sales. If you are an independent musician, then there are three options available to you. The first option is sign with a major label. The second option is to become an independent artist while the third option is to sign with an indie label. Each of these options offer their unique pros and cons. To know more about which option you as an independent musician should opt for, it pays to look at their pros and cons separately.

Pros and cons of being an independent artist

The biggest advantage to being an independent artist is it gives you complete control over your creativity. Without a label, you can choose whatever musical direction works best for you. You can market your music the way you want to and you also enjoy complete rights over your music.

The downside is that you will have limited resources at your disposal. You will also have to spend out of your own pocket for recording and distribution as well as marketing, and the like. Second, you won’t have access to any network which means not many doors are going to open for you.

Pros and cons of signing to an indie label

A major reason to sign to an indie label is you will have a team that believes in the music you are creating. You won’t have to sign to a particular sound and you also won’t need to promote certain looks to ensure your music succeeds. At the same time, you also get to build a good personal relationship with your team with whom you will get plenty of opportunities to talk about strategies and execution. The best part about signing for an indie label is your contract will be more artist-friendly and you will get to earn more for your work through various profit sharing schemes.

The downside to signing to an indie label is you won’t get too much funding and the size of the company you sign for is small.

Pros and cons of signing for a major recording label

Musicians like to sign for a major recording label because it means they get access to major funding. Also, major recording labels have a wide network and many connections that can help you achieve success. Most importantly, when sign for a major recording label, you benefit by being associated with a company that enjoys a reputation and which can use its influence to promote your music.

The downside to signing for a major recording label is they may drop you if things don’t work out right immediately. Also, the deal you enter into with the label won’t be very artist friendly. Your royalties will be low and you may also lose your rights to your music. Worst still, you may lose whatever creative control you had over your music.

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