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A Definitive Guide To Marketing Music Online – Part 2

Although you got some extremely helpful tips on the first part, there is something else that needs your attention.

Your own website.

How Can You Use Your Music Website for Marketing Music Online?

Websites work for everything. Whether it is your corporate business or music band – a website will never let you down if you know how to make a superb one and then use it as efficiently well too. Building an exceptional music website may seem hard but in reality, what is even more difficult is to use it ideally to promote your music. But trust me when I tell you this – there can be no other more powerful internet tool than a well-used music website to drive traffic audience and make your music popular within matter of days. The only trick? You should know how to do it. We Are The Universe will be your website as long as you need us to, but we also want you to be able to take your career in your own hands

How to Keep the Audiences Connected?

You can work day and night on building a music website but this tool will be of no use if you don’t know how to put it to good use. So, we are helping you in this regard by teaching you some core ways in which you can use your music website to generate traffic audience and make your music reach out as far as imaginable (or intended).

1. Posting Audio Songs

Let’s begin with the obvious thing you should be doing on your website – posting all your recorded audio songs. You want people out there to listen to your music. Online streaming of songs has become the ‘it’ thing these days. People no longer download music to their phones but rather prefer streaming music online. You want your songs to be played when people are jogging or driving around town.

2. Posting Music Videos

If audios work, then imagine what magic the videos will create! Now the question is whether your song is only audio or it has been recorded in video version too? If the video is available, you need to put it on your website up and front. Every website visitor should be able to locate the video link and watch your creativity at its best – in full view.

3. Create Blog Posts

Even though you are a musician and believe in music to do wonders – ever underestimate the wonders words can bring! Most particularly on the internet where blog posts have become a major dimension of its own – you have to use this aid to promote your music online. Connect with the readers through regular blog posts on your website. Make sure that you talk about your music, its genre, values, beats, idea, theme and all relevant details. Invite the readers to connect with you by liking, sharing and commenting on these blogs. This will not only promote your music but also win you many fans as well!

4. Talk About Yourself

It is your music. You own it and you should take pride in it. The people who listen to your melodious voice will also want to find out more and more about you. Make sure you regularly post information about yourself on the website too. This makes the audience well-connected to you. We live in an era where nobody wants to live by curiosity.

For more tips, don’t forget to check out the part 3 of our guide on marketing music online.







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