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The Trifiling Continues

As we grow closer to our exclusive interview with Linette King, we want people to get mor familiar with her writing. We still have some time until we can sit down with her, so she has provided us with plenty of reading material in the meantime.

Blake and I both looked down as he slid in and out of me. Nobody had ever made me feel the way he's been making me feel this last year. He'd come out of nowhere and showed me things I had never seen before. I had dreams of opening my own law firm but because of him and his support, I was finally taking steps to make that dream a reality. "I love you Blake." I said after it was over. Like every other time I'd said it, he didn't respond. I wondered if he loved me or felt anything for me at all because I couldn't really tell. Sometimes he would do things and I could tell he cared but most of the time I didn't know. As I watched him get dressed, I wanted to ask him but I was afraid of the answer that I would get so I didn't say a word. I sighed heavily as he walked over to my bed, kissed me on my forehead and was gone just as quickly as he'd come. I still had an hour left before Andre was due to be picked up from the airport so I got out of bed and started to get dressed. I pulled up just as Andre was walking out of the front door. "Hey baby." He said as soon as he got inside of the car. "Hey yourself." I replied as I pulled off into traffic blocking a kiss in the process. Andre is my husband and has been for the last 8 years. Before Blake and I got close, I loved my husband but I quickly realized it was because he was all that I knew and now I've learned something different. "Go by my mom's." Andre said as he played with his phone. "She want us over for breakfast." He continued without looking up. I drove straight to his mom's house but my bad mood didn't change until I saw Blake's car in the driveway. Andre tried to hold my hand but I pulled out my phone instead and he walked past me into the house. "Good morning everyone!" I said as soon as I walked in. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when I saw Blake had company. It wasn't because she was there but the ring on her left ring finger. I couldn't believe him. "Is something wrong Laina?" Andre asked but I quickly shook my head and wiped my tears away. Tears Blake didn't even notice because he was too busy with his tramp. "Laina, can I speak with you." Andre's mother asked although I knew it wasn't a request. I nodded my head and followed behind her into the kitchen. "Listen to me and you listen to me well. Anybody with eyes can see you are fucking my son and not the one you're married to but-" "He's your foster child and he said you always treated him as one so with all due res-" Wham! She'd slapped me so hard my face was starting to throb. "Get out before I tell your husband that you've been sleeping with his "foster" brother and all the funds for your cute little law firm go away!" .......

If you have some questions you would like us to ask Linette, submit your questions in the contact us section of our website.

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