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Michael G. Brown Better known as Prime Daniels is an American artist from South St. Petersburg, FL. Born August 11, 1985 to Ron J Brown Sr & Lashaun Brown. Growing up, Prime was inspired by both parents selection on music. Mom ( A deeply rooted Christian) had Michael attending church, listening to Gospel, & even singing in the choir alongside his siblings & friends. The bulk of the sound however came from his father. Ron Sr. tended to listen to not only Gospel, but Jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll, & Soul. But Prime's influence of rap music came from sneaking and listening to it with his older siblings & cousins.

That along with hip hop with hip hop cultured films would change Prime's life forever. By the year 2000 Prime was buried up to his eye lids with full hip hop & R&B albums. In 2001 he began attempting to get involved with it himself. Recorded out of small studios, Prime (Then known as Mic B), released a group project with his friends. The following year he released his solo debut & the rest was history. He changed his name to "Prime" in 2004 in an attempt to be more unique. He felt Mic B was too common & too close to his government name. He late added the "Daniels" to make sure no one had anything close to his moniker.

Prime always worked from his own company, and in 2005 he started on Time Entertainment. He used that company name for years & made it official in 2014 when he made On Time Entity LLC official. From 2004-2012 Prime released a series of albums & mixtapes, which are still available. He currently host a youtube smash webisode titled "Time Handled With Prime Daniels", which consist of his "Opinionated Facts" about different social topics. He also has much more music, film, & even live performances to be released to the masses this year. His most recent installment "Vlog Music" is currently out now.

Check out one of his latest singles, and submit your questions you would want to ask for his interview on "We Are The Universe".

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