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The Trifiling Continues!!!! Another Excerpt From Linette Kings Best Selling Book Series

"Good evening beautiful." Tim walked up to Tasha and said. Tasha looked up at Tim and gave him a dismissive wave. It was a part of the game they played about once a month to keep the spice in their now, 11 year relationship. Normally Tasha would go to a bar and Tim would come and pick her up then take her to a cheap motel to fuck her brains out while the nanny took care of their 3 children but this time was different. This time Tasha had just found out that Tim was cheating on her again and she was pissed off. "Do you have a man!" Tim asked as he continued to play their little game. He thought something was a bit off with her demeanor but he brushed it off. "Yes but he ain't shit." She stated then glared at him. Tim knew then that some shit was about to pop off. He'd never been the type to argue so he just walked off. Tim had been planning a romantic get away with a helicopter ride and the woman he'd been in contact with was actually the coordinator and not someone he'd been cheating with. Tasha watched him walk out of the door as if she didn't matter to him. She began to plot on ways to hurt him the way he had been hurting her. "Kill the bitch!" She thought to herself. "Naw he ain't care the last time." Tasha said out loud to herself. She was having a debate with herself. Tim made his way to meet Danielle, the Coordinator of tonight's evening with his wife. When he showed up alone, Danielle knew her plan had worked. She'd taken pictures with this man as they shopped for different venues for him and his wife without his knowledge then posted them to her Instagram with no caption. Danielle knew how messy women were so after finding out who his wife was, she added her best friend Shay. She knew once Shay liked every picture Tim was in that she would go tell her friend. She'd deleted all of the pictures since then. "Where's the lovely Mrs.?" Danielle asked. Tim sighed and shook his head. He was beyond frustrated. "I understand let's just eat this food I prepared so it won't go to waste." Danielle said politely. Tim saw no harm in it so he sat down at the table. Danielle walked away to fix their drinks. She made sure to drop a little something special inside of Tim's glass to make sure her night went as planned. Tim downed his shot immediately then started eating. He didn't realize how hungry he was until he took a bite of the delicious steak in front of him. Danielle watched him closely as she ate her food. The more his eyes fluttered, the happier she got. "Damn I'm tired. Let me get out of here." Tim said as he stood to his feet.

His large frame swayed side to side so he sat back down. Danielle stood to her feet and made her way over to his side of the table. She straddled his lap and his head fell inside the crook of her neck. She grabbed her phone and took another picture of them with the caption "what a night!" Shay liked it almost immediately and a few short minutes later his phone started to ring. He was knocked out as Danielle went through his pockets and found his ringing phone. It was his wife. She placed it on the table then got off of his lap. She unbuckled his pants then pulled his limp dick out. She began to suck it until it got hard. She slid down on top of it slowly then rode him nice and slow until he came inside of her. "Got him." She said with a smile.


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