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Your Weekly Dose of Trifiling

This week we continue sharing excerpts from Linnette King's book series 'The Trifiling Chronicles'. This week's excerpt has definitely been worth the wait. Enjoy.

Meka I laid on top of my beach towel as I watched Charles and his two small daughters, Katelyn and Kylie, build sand castles. Watching a man interact with his children had to be the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and I was just happy to be a part of the family. Charles and I started dating about two years ago which was shortly after his wife, Tricey died. He's a hard working man and gentle in every way but he was having trouble balancing work and the kids. Of course we started off as friends and I would come over and comb the girls hair and get them ready for daycare but soon things took a change and I fell in love. When I looked up, I saw a bit of sadness in Charles' eyes but he didn't say anything so I waved and walked away. There was no feeling worse than loving someone you couldn't fully have. I hopped in my car and drove home. As soon as I pulled up and saw two cars in my driveway I sighed heavily as I tried to calm my nerves before I went inside. I've been in a relationship with Terrence for the last 6 years but with him, if it's not one thing then it's definitely another and I'm honestly tired of being here especially when I already have Charles. I walked in the house and the strong smell of loud filled my nostrils immediately and I got aggravated. Terrence and Derrick sat in the living room smoking and playing NBALIVE without a care in the world. I just wished that Terrence would put as much energy into finding a job as he does into trying to win. I shook my head and walked into the kitchen to get dinner started. As I moved around the kitchen I began to relax until I heard someone beating on my door. I threw everything down and stormed over to it. I swung it open only to find Terrence's baby mama, Tiffany at my door with their two year old daughter Terrica. Yes I said two year old daughter! That situation lead to me running to Charles for comfort. "Where Terrence at?" Tiffany asked as she tried to look around me to see inside of my house.

"Bitch I suggest you take a step back before I get off in that ass in front of your child!" I snapped as I grilled her. "And Ima press charges because I'm pregnant." She said then rubbed her stomach. My mouth fell open as I stared at her protruding stomach that I hadn't noticed before. Tears threatened to fall but I couldn't let her see me cry. "By who?" I asked and she looked at me like I was stupid. "Terrence bitch!" She said just as Terrica walked past me into the house. "You sorry excuse of a-" "Stop with the name calling na! I'm not gonna be too many more names other than Tiffany! Now if you could give him a baby maybe he wouldn't keep planting them in me!" She snapped back and I didn't know what to do. I knew Terrence could hear everything that was going on but not one time did he speak up or try to intervene. I couldn't do this anymore but then something hit me. We just moved in this house and she wasn't suppose to know where we lived because she painted all the windows of our last house with red paint but here she was. "Terrence why the fuck is she here?!" I asked as I knocked the controller out of his hand. He glared at me and shook his head then waved me off dismissively. I didn't know what I was suppose to do in this situation. "Because I'm welcome here! Where ever he is I'm coming! And I want three kids so after this we need another one." She smirked and I knew she was just fucking with me but I couldn't take it anymore. I cried as I ran to my room and looked for the gun that I kept on my shelf for protection. I was tired of them and it was time that I taught them a lesson. I walked into the living room and cocked my gun back. I aimed it at Tiffany who was sitting right under Terrance. The disrespect was at a all times high and I was done being the nice level headed person that I've always been. She took off towards the door and left her daughter but tripped then landed flat on her stomach. She screamed out in pain. Terrence made a move for her. "Don't move." I warned him and he just looked at her. His friend looked like he was about to shit bricks but Terrica just watched everything play out.

"You lucky I don't wanna go to jail or I'd kill you." I said as I grabbed her arm and drug her the rest of the way out of my house. I was done with them and I was going to get the man I deserved! "Baby she's bleeding." Terrence panicked with his hands in the air but I gave him a shoulder shrug. "Everybody get out!" I said as I pointed the gun at Terrence. He grabbed Terrica's hand and led her past me cautiously. "You a mean lady." Terrica said so I kicked the heel of her foot and caused her to fall and hurt her knee. Terrence made a move for me but the gun halted him in his tracks. He helped Tiffany up because she hardly stand up alone. "Now you gotta start back over from 1 bitch!"

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