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This Week's Dose Of Trifiling

We're conetinuing the excerpts from Linette King's "Trifiling Chronicles" series. We're currently talking to Linette about selling her books right here on .

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"Girl so, I was going to break things off with the boo because Trell almost caught me but I don't think I can after the way he made me feel last night!" Bianca said to her best friend Ashley as they got their nails done together. Ashley and Bianca had been friends all of their lives. Their mom's were best friends and raised them up together as family. "Oh you can but you don't want to!" Ashley cut her eyes at her. "Didn't you say he was in a relationship?" Ashley asked and Bianca nodded her head.

"He's not happy though." Bianca said then shrugged her shoulders. Ashley shook her head because Bianca was going to get herself in a world of trouble if Trell ever found out. They both knew how crazy Trell was over Bianca and he'd never hesitated to punch her in the mouth before so Ashley didn't understand why Bianca was willing to risk pissing him off. He'd slapped her so hard one time that her bottom lip got stuck in her braces and all she did was speak to another man so imagine what he will do if he finds out that she's cheating. "I think you should just be single." Ashley said to Bianca. She loved her so much and she was worried about her. She felt like she was playing a dangerous game but she had problems of her own so she couldn't exactly give good advice.

"I think you should worry about yourself and learn how to suck dick then maybe Chad will stop cheating on you!" Bianca clapped back. Ashley's mouth fell open as shocked registered from the words that had just rolled off of Bianca's tongue so effortlessly. Ashley had confided in Bianca about a recent argument she'd had with her boyfriend of 2 years, Chad so far her to use it maliciously hurt her. Ashley shook her head and walked out of the nail shop with acrylic only on one hand. She didn't care, she just needed to get away from her. Bianca watched Ashley walk out of the door then shrugged her shoulders. "She's so sensitive." Bianca said to no one in particular just as she received a text from her boo asking her to meet him when she finished. She smiled and couldn't wait until her nails were finished so she could respond to his text.

Ashley made her way to the car extremely upset. She was so upset that she called Trell. "What's up sis?" He answered the phone. He'd just hit a big lick and couldn't wait until his girlfriend got home because he'd gone out and purchased a ring with the help of his boy Chad. Trell and Chad met through their women but they'd been tight ever since then. They'd gone out and cheated on their ole ladies plenty of times together. "Are you sitting down?" Ashley asked suddenly nervous about what she was about to tell him. "Spill it." Trell stated calmly although his nerves were on edge. He hoped Bianca was ok because he felt like he would die without her and that's why he wanted to marry her.

"Bianca has been cheating on you but I don't know who's she's cheating on you with." She rushed out then hung the phone up. She couldn't believe she'd just betrayed her best friend because her feelings were hurt. She immediately called Bianca to warn her but Bianca didn't answer. By this time she was on her way to link up with her boo. Trell was so pissed off that he punched a hole through the wall. He called Bianca over and over but she wouldn't answer the phone. He'd already opted the share my location on her phone but until then, he'd had no reason to use it. He grabbed his gun because if he found her cheating, they would both die.

He followed the gps to a hotel and drove around the parking lot until he spotted her car. He got out and touched the hood. It was still hot so she'd just gotten there. His only problem was, he didn't know what room she was in. Regardless, he ran in the hotel and looked around the lobby. He knew the front desk chick wasn't going to tell him where she was so he decided to leave and just catch her on her way out but the sound of her laugh caused him to turn around. He looked straight across the room just as the elevator door closed. He watched the number rise then it stopped on the 3rd floor. He hauled ass up the stairs then looked through the small window on the door so he could see if she was in the hall. His blood boiled as he watched some guy with his hands all over his woman as she giggled. He walked out of the stairwell quickly and walked right up to them as the guy fumbled with the keycard.

"Shit." Chad said at the sound of a gun being cocked.

Check out Linette on facebook (Linette King), instagram (@author.linetteking) twitter (@iamLinetteKing) snapchat (linette2t) and email (​, and subscribe to help us convince Linette to sell her books on our site!

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