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Push Your Music Career To The Next Level

This month at We Are The Universe, growth has been the magic word. We're growing, we're seeing many artists growing, and we want to keep that momentum going.

Thanks to our affiliates over at Crowd Control Music Group, along with a few others, we are proud to present our "Book Online" page, with a multitude of services that will continue to grow to help musicians continue to grow in their career. You can book most of their services right from our site. Stay tuned for more services to become available through them and our new affiliates at Executive Studios in Clearwater, FL.

This means to the artist that needs help getting their mixtape distributed throughout the world - we can help you with that. Trying to get your music video on TV? We can help you with that. Even down to having a consultation with a real record label contact to discuss your best plan of action as an artist.

While you're making all of this great material, We Are The Universe is also here to help you make a brand for yourself, by showcasing your work throughout our site; assisting with merchandising, and other services that make it simple for artists at any stage of their career to get to the next level.

By signing up and becoming a member, you will also be able to submit content to be added to our site for promotional purposes FREE OF CHARGE!!!(You can still sell your art on our site, but this is now an option for you as well) This in itself is to help save the artist some money, while still helping them to grow that brand!

We want you to grow and be successful in your entertainment career. Everyone has their place in the universe; why shouldn't you be with the stars where you belong? Sign up. Submit your art. Let us help you be heard.

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