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We continue our extensive look into Linette King's "Trifiling Chronicles". I hope you have enjoyed reading these excerpts as much as we have because she just keeps on going! It's amazing how well thought out the storylines are so consistsntly,how captivating the charachters are throughout all of the series.

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Without any further ado, an excerpt from Linette King's "Trifiling Chronicles"

Trifling Chronicles!!!! Tamara I've been dating Carlos for about 6 years now and we have 2 kids together. I love that man with every breath in my body but lately he's been staying gone later and later. He literally never makes times for me anymore and I know he's cheating! Well I don't have proof but that's my man and I know my man's sex drive and we haven't had sex in 2 months!

That's where my problem comes in at. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I just don't know how I'm going to make Carlos think this baby is his when I can't get him to spend time with me to "get pregnant"! At first I was just going to sleep with him then have our baby "early" but damn how can I say a baby 2 months early and it may come out 6 or 7 pounds. That's going to get my black ass killed for real. I sighed as I rolled out of Twan's bed so I could go pick my kids up from my mom and go home. I never knew when Carlos would finally pop in so I always made sure I was there within a reasonable hour. "I'm tired of this shit Tamara." Twan said but I just rolled my eyes. I was beyond tired of having this conversation so I just didn't respond.

"Baby you don't have to be scared to leave. I'll take care of you and all the kids." Twan continued to lay it on thick as if he didn't know I loved my man. "Let's talk after Cj's birthday party tomorrow." I said and he nodded his head. I didn't want to talk then either but I needed to put it off a little longer. The next day at the party I couldn't believe my eyes when Carlos actually showed up. I didn't know if I wanted to slap him or pull him off to the side and fuck him! Either way I was happy that he was there. "I would like to thank everybody for coming out to support my lil man!" Carlos said as he began his signature toast. I swear that nigga did a toast everywhere!

"Big thanks to my brother from another mother, my right hand man, Twan for covering the expenses until I got back in town." He said then tossed Twan a roll of money. "You always had my back brother. Salute!" He yelled and everybody held their glasses up. Well everybody but me. I sat off to the side looking stupid because I was pregnant my man's best friend.

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