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A Definitive Guide To Marketing Music Online – Part 1

The internet these days has become the most powerful medium of them all. So, finding an opportunity to promote or advertise your music online to reach out to maximum people is not difficult. There are many ways that will come your way. You should only know when to put your creativity to use and make most of the opportunity that comes your way. There are many basic ways in which you can actually promote your music online. We Are The Universe is bringing you some effective and proven tips that will actually help you greatly in music marketing on the internet, and you can always visit the Career Builder section of our website for assistance with any of these tactics for success.

Three Effective Tips That Will Actually Help You to

Promote Your Music Online

Tip # 1 - Live Performance Online

The world has gone digital and it is high time that you go down that lane too. One on one or in-person interactions have now been replaced with the virtual communications. So why don’t you put that in use for your music promotions?

  • Turn your new single into a live performance.

  • Start engaging people by publicly talking about how you will be performing a new single from your upcoming album.

  • Win over viewer attention by going LIVE with a hit favorite song from the past.

It is by far the coolest and fastest way to reach out to people live within a matter of minutes.

Tip # 2 – Live Chat on Social Media

Where there is a will, there's a way or maybe let’s just replace ‘will’ with ‘social media’. The internet’s biggest reality and an integral part of all our lives – social media.

  • Countless social media platforms these days!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and the list will never cease to end. Millions and millions of people from all around the world use social media these days. I mean, who doesn’t?

  • Talk to people about your music passions and dreams

What could be better way for you then to go Live via social media to just talk to the viewers about your music? You can sing, you can make them groove but what about talking to them to make them understand the depth and soul of your music?

  • Connect with the audience before you wow them with your music!

Words can do magic and you can see this happening for your music when you do Live chat sessions with thousands of people listening to you. Take this opportunity to talk about music as your passion, craze, skill and talent. Make them see what you see in the music you creatively create.

Tip # 3 – If You Have the Links, Use Them to Collaborate with Online Celebrities

We live in a time when social celebrities are actually more popular than the actual ones. But most of the times, people who are famous on social media are ordinary individuals just like you and me. Maybe it is just a YouTube channel that makes them so popular but they could be your friend in person. So, use their medium to promote your music. Collaborate with We Are The Universe, online celebrities like bloggers, YouTubers or Instagram sensations. This will bring your music instant recognition and many new followers too! Such collaborations make you far more recognizable than your imagination.

That’s it for this session, but the knowledge we want you to have is way more than that, so you will be getting another two parts exploring more on marketing your music online. Stay tuned!






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